* Stretching exercises are not included in this list!
Selection: Deltoids

Muscle-Building Exercise Library

Bent Over Row With Barbell, Underhand Grip Cross-Body Shoulder Raise, side lying Lateral Raise Lateral Raise On Incline Bench Lateral Raise, Single-Arm, Standing Thruster With Barbell Thruster With Dumbbells Bent Over Row With Barbell, Overhand Grip Shoulder Press With Barbell, Standing / Military Press Bent Over Reverse Fly, Seated Front Raise With Dumbbells, Single-Arm Lumberjack Press Horizontal Fly Bent Over Row With Dumbbells Breaststroke With Dumbbells Bradford Press Arnold Press External Rotation With Dumbbell, Lying External Rotation With Dumbbell, Seated Lateral Raise With Resistance Band Overhead Band Pull Apart
Push-up Rollout With Dumbbells Shoulder Press With Partner Curl And Press Landmine Press, Half-Kneeling Lateral L Raise With Rotation Shoulder Press With Dumbbells, Standing Upright Row Bent Over Reverse Fly, Single-Arm, Standing Front Raise With Dumbbells Push Press Reverse Fly, Kneeling Close Grip Bench Press Sit Outs Reverse Fly On Incline Bench Snatch With Dumbbell Forward Sliding Push-up Bent Over Reverse Fly, Standing Front Raise With EZ Bar Rollout On Knees Shoulder Hold With Towel Shoulder Press With Dumbbells On Exercise Ball Shoulder Press With Dumbbells, Hammer Grip, Seated Shoulder Press With Dumbbells, seated Upright Row With Dumbbells Walk-out With Exercise Ball Row With Dumbbell, Leaning Iron Cross / Kettlebell Crucifix Lat Pulldown With Towel Push Back Push-up Halo / Around The World With Kettlebell Shoulder Tap Push-up Uneven Push-up T Push-up Bent Over Shrug Sliding Alligator Crawl Reverse Plank Between Two Chairs Jackknife Push-up High Pulls Biceps-Curl With Front Raise Staggered Push-up Plank Walk-out / Inchworm Crab Walk Front Raise With Self-Resistance Decline Wall Push-up Russian Twist With Barbell Skier Swings Bear Crawl Sliding Lat Pull Thigh Pull, Seated Alphabet / ABC With Medicine Ball Bent Over Row With Core Twist And Dumbbell, Single-Arm Front Raise With Twist Lateral Raise With Barbell Lateral Raise With Partner Neider Press Row With Towel, Standing Straight Arm Plank Around The World Vertical Internal Rotation With Dumbbell, Lying Hindu Push-up / Dands Cuban Press L-Fly With Dumbbells, Standing Dancing Crab Biceps-Curl To Shoulder Press With EZ Bar Uppercut With Dumbbells Door Frame Shoulder Press Tripod Bent Over Shoulder Press With Dumbbells, One-Legged Diagonal Pole Move Over And Under With Partner Plank Extension With Exercise Ball Scaption And Shrugs With Dumbbells Prone Raise / Scaption With Dumbbells Lateral Bear Crawl Punches With Dumbbells External Rotation With Resistance Band Arm Circle, Lying