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Upright Row With Dumbbells

Trapezius, Deltoids
Biceps, Hand Flexors, Serratus Anterior
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required:Dumbbells (2) / Kettlebells (2)
Variations available (27)
Starting PositionExecution

Starting Position

  • hold a dumbbell or kettlebell in each of your hands in front of your thighs
  • the palms of the hands point to the body
  • the feet are shoulder width apart
  • your knees and elbows are slightly bent

Correct Execution

  • the elbows lead the motion
  • pull them up until they are in one line with the shoulder girdle
  • in the final position the weights are directly in front of your chest
  • do not let the wrists bend downwards
  • your upper body remains straight and does not swing
  • always hold the hand in extension to your forearm
  • after holding the final position shortly, lead the weights down again slowly
  • repeat the exercise several times for an effective shoulder workout

tip for the workout

  • if you hold the weights a bit more apart, you will require the deltoid even more
  • if you hold them closer, the focus will lie on the trapezius
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