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Bent Over Row With Barbell, Underhand Grip

Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Teres Muscles, Deltoids
Biceps, Hand Flexors
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required:Barbell / EZ Bar
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General And Specifics

  • in contrast to Bent Over Row with Barbell, Overhand Grip the focus is on biceps and lats
  • the elbows are closer to body than with the over hand grip
  • beginners start with less weight, because there a lot of stabilizing muscles are required, for instance bottom, adductors and hamstrings
  • doing the exercise wrongly can provoke injuries
  • if you are used to this exercise, you can use more weight

Starting Position

  • step close to the barbell
  • squat
  • brace your body and grasp the barbell with both hands shoulder width with under hand grip (the palms of the hand point to the ceiling)
  • bend your upper body forwards
  • your bottom is pushed backwards
  • the back remains straight
  • the feet are shoulder width apart
  • hold the barbell in knee-height
  • keep your upper body bent in an angle to about 45 degrees

Correct Execution

  • pull the barbell into the target zone: lower end of the sternum to upper end of the abs
  • your back does not move
  • the shoulder blades move towards each other
  • hold the weight up for a brief moment
  • then let the barbell sink down back into the starting position and repeat the exercise
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