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Front Raise With EZ Bar

Pectoralis Major, Trapezius
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required:Barbell / EZ Bar
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General And Specifics

  • this exercise has a focus on the front deltoid muscle
  • the upper chest and the trapezius support the deltoid

Starting Position

  • grasp a barbell or an ez bar with shoulder-wide over hand grip (backs of the hands point forward)
  • the feet are shoulder width apart, the knees bent a little bit
  • posture is upright
  • the arms hang down at the sides
  • keep the elbows bent a bit
  • the barbell is in front of your thighs, but does not touch them

Correct Execution

  • brace the body
  • raise both arms up to shoulder-height
  • pause shortly and bring the weight back to the starting position slowly
  • there is no momentum in the motions
  • do not lean back while raising the weight
  • do several reps

tips for the workout

  • if you arrange the hands closer, the focus is even more on the leading deltoid
  • the farer away the hands, the more the focus on the middle deltoid
  • you can avoid swinging of the upper body by standing against a wall
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