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Shoulder Press With Partner

Triceps, Deltoids
Pectoralis Major, Serratus Anterior, Trapezius
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required:Workout Partner
optional:Seat, Exercise Ball
Variations available (17)
Starting PositionExecution

Starting Position

  • one of you sits on the ground, a chair or on a gym ball
  • the one who trains raises the arms and angles them to 90 degrees, the upper arms are parallel to the ground
  • the other one stands behind him or her and puts his or her hands on the hands of the workout person
  • your postures are upright

Correct Execution

  • the leading person stretches the arms against the resistance of the rear person (trains the deltoids and the trapezius)
  • the rear person bends the arms
  • pay attention to the wrists, do not let them bend too much
  • afterwards, the leading person puts pressure on the arms, while the rear pushes them down (triceps and chest are trained)
  • do several reps, then change positions
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