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Punches With Dumbbells

Triceps, Trapezius
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required:Dumbbells (2)
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Starting PositionExecution

Starting Position

  • grasp a lighter dumbbell with each of your hands
  • the feet are placed shoulder width apart
  • you can relocate one foot for a more stable standing
  • the legs are slightly bent
  • arrange the upper arms next to the torso
  • bend the elbow joints to 90 degrees and hold them parallel to the ground
  • the palms of the hands point to each other in front of the body

Correct Execution

  • guide one dumbbell forwards and in shoulder-height
  • turn the palm of the hand down
  • the other arm does not move now
  • bring the stretched arm back again
  • a wink of an eye before the first arm is in its starting position the other arm begins to move forward
  • you can let your upper body follow the motion by turning its with each move
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