* Stretching exercises are not included in this list!
Selection: Lower Back

Muscle-Building Exercise Library

Deadlift With Barbell Deadlift, Snatch Grip Hyperextension On Bench Stirring The Pot With Exercise Ball Deadlift With Dumbbells Reverse Hyperextension With Exercise Ball Alternating Dumbbell Swings Plank With Hip Twists Bent Over Twist With Broomstick Glute Bridge With Adductor Press Snatch With Dumbbell Deadlift, One-Legged Rollout On Knees Straight Arm Plank With Alternating Arm And Leg Raise Kneeling On Exercise Ball Exercise Ball Rollout On Knees Rolling Glute Bridge With Exercise Ball Reverse Plank Between Two Chairs Bent Over Balance Touch, One-Legged Slide Into Reverse Plank Hyperextension With Exercise Ball
Romanian Deadlift Superman / Superwoman Suitcase Deadlift Plank With Alternating Arm And Leg Raise Crab Kick Good-morning Prone Cobra Reverse Plank Plank With Leg Raise Turkish Get-up Oblique Crunch On Exercise Ball Swimming / Aquaman Walk-out With Exercise Ball Reverse Snow Angel Sliding Cobra Pelvic Tilt Bird Dog Pendulum Superman / Superwoman Crossover Superman / Superwoman With Twist Donkey Kick Reverse Plank With Leg Raise Butt-Ups / Dolphin Raise Diagonal Pole Move Over And Under With Partner Plank Mogul Jumps Telle Curl Bent Over Shoulder Press With Dumbbells, One-Legged Thoracic Rotation Reverse Hyperextension On Table Bent Over Trunk Rotation