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Stirring The Pot With Exercise Ball

Lower Back, Rectus Abdominis, Obliques
Serratus Anterior, Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Deltoids, Glutes
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General And Specifics

  • this stability ball exercise seems unimpressive, but it is very effective
  • because of the instability of the gym ball, your abs have to do hard work to make sure you can do the exercise for a longer period of time

Starting Position

  • knee on the ground in front of the gym ball
  • bring your forearms on the middle of the ball
  • the elbows are positioned right below the shoulders
  • your back is straight
  • brace your body and stretch out the legs to the backer
  • the feet are hip width apart
  • your body is in a line from head to toes now

Correct Execution

  • make smaller (easier) or bigger (harder) rotating movements with your elbows respectively forearms
  • do this slowly and controlled
  • your body remains stable, while the ball rolls around below you
  • as possible, do not let the core move
  • do several circles in one direction
  • afterwards, invert the direction and do the same number of reps
  • do not let your hip sink down

tips for the workout

  • do the exercise with the hands on the ball, if it is too easy to you (the shoulders are required more)
  • do it on your knees to make it easier
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