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Lower Back, Glutes
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optional:Fitness Mat
type:Strength - isometric
Variations available (8)
Starting PositionExecution

Starting Position

  • lay down with the front evenly onto the ground or a fitness mat
  • the arms and legs are stretched, arms above your head
  • alternatively you can hold the hands to the temples
  • the lumbar spine area is strained by lifting up arms and legs at the same time

Correct Execution

  • now slowly let the arms and legs simultaneously lift off the ground
  • keep arms and legs stretched as much as possible
  • the range of motion is quite small
  • try to hold this position for a moment
  • if this is too difficult for you, you can swing the arms and legs up and down
  • repeat the movement several times

tip for the workout

  • alternatively you can only lift the arms or the legs, it makes the lower back exercise easier
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