* Stretching exercises are not included in this list!
Selection: Isometrics

Muscle-Building Exercise Library

L-Seat Glute Bridge With Adductor Press Push-up Hold With Towel Side Plank With Rotation Side Star Plank Shoulder Hold With Towel Tuck Hold Row With Towel, Seated Kneeling On Exercise Ball Reverse Plank Between Two Chairs Wall Sit Plank Batwing Row Maltese Plank Isometric Hip Flexion Renegade Row With Towel Push And Pull With Towel Superman / Superwoman Isometric Chest Squeeze Prone Cobra Straight Arm Plank
Thigh Press, Seated Reverse Plank Shoulder Blade Squeeze Thigh Pull, Seated Side Plank Exercise Ball Squeeze Quadriceps Press Row With Towel, Standing Triceps Extension With Towel Isometric Concentration Curl Lat Pulldown Biceps-Curl With Towel, Seated Row And Hold With Towel Door Frame Shoulder Press Leg Curl With Towel Side Double-Leg Raise, Lying Side Plank With Adductor Press Triceps Pull-Down With Towel Isometric Leg Tuck