* Stretching exercises are not included in this list!
Selection: Latissimus Dorsi

Muscle-Building Exercise Library

Bent Over Row With Barbell, Overhand Grip Bent Over Row With Barbell, Underhand Grip T-Bar Row, Single-Arm Bent Over Row With Dumbbells Pendlay Row Inverted Row Between Chairs Rolling Triceps Extension Bent Arm Pullover With Dumbbell T-Bar Row Row In Static Squat-Position Kayaking Kroc Row Straight Arm Pullback With Dumbbell Row With Dumbbell, Leaning Door Pull-up Chin-up Gironda Sternum Chin-up Inverted Row With Partner Meadow Row Lat Press On The Floor, Lying Iron Cross / Kettlebell Crucifix
Bent Over Balance Row, Double-Handed Door Row Inverted Table Row With Broomstick, Overhand Grip Row With Towel, Seated Reverse Plank Between Two Chairs Pull-up Chin-up With Towel Push And Pull With Towel Renegade Row With Towel Bent Over Balance Row With Support, Single-Arm Inverted Table Row Russian Twist With Barbell Sliding Cobra Sliding Lat Pull Renegade Row Bent Over Row With Core Twist And Dumbbell, Single-Arm Lateral Raise With Partner Bent Arm Pullover With Barbell Row With Towel And Partner Lat Pulldown Row And Hold With Towel Door Pull-up With Towel Door Frame Row