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Door Row

Latissimus Dorsi, Teres Muscles
Biceps, Hand Flexors, Trapezius
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General And Specifics

  • make sure that the door (no glass) and the anchorage are solid enough to carry your body weight
  • if not, try other rowing exercises
  • furthermore, the ground should not be smooth or work out with shoes on (or barefooted)

Starting Position

  • open the door you want to use for your back workout
  • grasp the door knobs with your hands
  • place the feet beside the door on the ground
  • bend the legs a little and lean back until you arms are stretched out
  • make sure, that your back is straightened

Correct Execution

  • bend your arms and pull yourself to the door
  • the shoulder blades move towards each other
  • the legs remain bent during the exercise, the movement only comes from your arms
  • if your chest touches the door, you have reached the final position
  • bring the body back into the starting position and pull yourself to the door several times

tip for the workout

  • if this is too uncomfortable for you, wrap a towel around the door handle and grasp it with the hands
  • depending on position and angle of your legs you can impede or ease the back workout
  • place your feet closer to the middle of the door and angle the knees 90 degrees makes it tough
  • if you place the feet in front of the door and almost stretch out the legs completely, it is easiest to do
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