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Inverted Row With Partner

Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Teres Muscles
Biceps, Hand Flexors, Deltoids
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General and Specifics

  • your partner has to be able to hold up your whole body weight while this difficult bodyweight exercise
  • your stability is demanded, too

Starting Position

  • lay on the ground between the legs of your partner
  • the legs are stretched
  • the feet of your partner are next to your pelvis
  • the partner bends the knees a bit and tilts the upper body forward
  • stretch out the arms and grasp the wrists or forearms of your partner
  • keep your backs straight
  • the arms of the partner are always bent a little

Correct Execution

  • pull yourself up as high as possible
  • your body is in a line from head to heels
  • only the heels have contact to the floor
  • your partner braces the body, stays inactive and holds you
  • sink down to the ground slowly
  • do not rest on the ground completely, always keep some tension on the arms and back
  • go over to the next rep without a long break
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