* Stretching exercises are not included in this list!
Selection: Adductors

Muscle-Building Exercise Library

Glute Bridge With Adductor Press Leg Raise With Exercise Ball Cushion Squeeze Sumo Squat Sit Outs Sumo Squat With Dumbbell Globe Jumps Hip Adduction, Lying Sumo Squat With Barbell Rolling Glute Bridge With Exercise Ball Glute Bridge With Thigh Squeeze Curtsy Lunge Side-to-Side Bench Jumps Plank Jumping Jacks Thigh Pull, Seated Duck Unders Frog Squat Heel Beats Side Lunge With Dumbbells Sliding Leg Adduction And Abduction In Plank Position Snap-up Swimming Frog Squat Jacks Prone Leg Curl With Exercise Ball Side Lunge Skater Hops Jumping Jacks Jump Squat / Straddle Jump On Bench Sliding Side Lunge Side Jumps Leg Whip Side Double-Leg Raise, Lying Tuck Jump With Ball Side Plank With Adductor Press