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Adductors, Glutes
Lower Back, Hamstrings, Calves
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required:Bench / Table / Exercise Ball
optional:Weight Cuffs
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Starting PositionExecution
Starting Position (Alternative)Execution (Alternative)

General And Specifics

  • trains the gluteus maximus, medius und, minimus as well as the hip musculature intensively
  • if you use a exercise ball, the core muscles additionally are involved to stabilize your body
  • you can also do this exercise at the edge of a sofa or the bed

Starting Position

  • lay your abs on the chosen aid and adhere
  • if you use a exercise ball, hold yourself up with the arms
  • the hip is on the ball, too (the legs can move)
  • stretch out the legs
  • touch the ground with your toes

Correct Execution

  • raise the legs and angle them
  • bring the soles together and push them against each other
  • guide the feet towards the butt, keep up the tension
  • the knees point diagonally outwards
  • afterwards, stretch the legs
  • keep the feet together
  • the upper body is as calm as possible
  • do several reps

tip for the workout

  • wrap weight cuffs around the ankles to impede the exercise
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