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Frog Squat

Quadriceps, Adductors, Glutes
Lower Back, Hamstrings, Abductors
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type:Strength, Cardio
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Starting PositionExecution

Starting Position

  • the legs are a bit wider than shoulder width opened
  • turn the feet out to 20-30 degrees
  • go into the squat position, make sure that the knees do not protrude the toes to prevent injuries (the knees are rectangular)
  • tilt the upper body forward simultaneously, so that the elbows touch the inner sides of your knees, bring the hands together in front of your chest

Correct Execution

  • stretch out the legs almost completely
  • the elbows stick to the knees
  • the upper body is coming down until it is nearly parallel to the floor
  • your head follows the motion and always remains in extension to the spine
  • the body weight is on the heels, not on the toes
  • bend the knees, your upper body comes up again
  • if you hold the bent position for a bit, the exercise becomes more effective
  • repeat this several times
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