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Hip Adduction, Lying

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optional:Fitness Mat, Resistance Band, Weight Cuffs
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Starting PositionExecution
Starting Position (Alternative)Execution (Alternative)

Starting Position

  • lay sideways on the floor or a fitness mat
  • place the lower arm below the head
  • guide the upper leg back a bit and place the foot on the ground to stabilize the position
  • rest the upper hand on the floor in front of your chest

Correct Execution

  • lift the lower leg to the ceiling
  • the rest of the body is inactive, otherwise you will lose the focus on the adductor
  • the foot also does not move during the exercise
  • afterwards, lower the leg and repeat this several times
  • switch sides and do the same with the other leg

tip for the workout

  • the adductor exercise becomes more effective, if you use weight cuffs or a resistance band
  • you also can put a dumbbell on the lower thigh
    • you need to put the trained thigh a bit more forward and balance your body weight on the bottom
    • adhere the dumbbell during the exercise
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