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Side Lunge With Dumbbells

Quadriceps, Adductors, Glutes
Hamstrings, Abductors
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required:Dumbbells (2) / Kettlebell
Variations available (12)
Starting PositionExecution
Starting Position (Alternative)Execution (Alternative)

Starting Position

  • grasp a kettlebell or dumbbell with each hand
  • stand with the legs hip width open
  • let the weights hang down beside your thighs
  • slightly bend the knees
  • hold the head up and the upper body straight
  • look ahead while you do this exercise

Correct Execution

  • make a big step to the side and bend the knee joint until it is parallel to the ground
  • push your bottom back a bit, so that the knee cannot protrude the tiptoes in the squat, this preserves the joints
  • the other foot does not move
  • balance your body
  • keep in mind: the feet have to be parallel
  • the other leg is stretched out automatically
  • bring pressure on the heel of the bent leg and push yourself back up again
  • then pull back the bent leg
  • repeat the exercise several times, also work out the other leg

tip for the workout

  • to make this even more effective, use a filled backpack
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