* Stretching exercises are not included in this list!
Selection: Plyometrics

Muscle-Building Exercise Library

Swings with Kettlebell Pendlay Row Jump Rope Jump, One-Legged Snatch With Dumbbell Globe Jumps 180 Jump Squat Box Jump Side Mountain Climbers Star Jump Side-to-Side Bench Jumps Plank Jumping Jacks Kneeling Jumps / Ninja Jumps Crab Kick High Pulls Skier Swings Toe Taps / Box Jump March Tuck Jumps Burpee Broad Jump / Standing Long Jump Jump Squat
Ball Twister With Partner Pop Squat Snap-up Donkey Kick Mountain Climber Skater Hops Squat Thrust Lunge Split Jump Tripod Jump Squat / Straddle Jump On Bench Jumping Ankle Taps Over And Under With Partner Plank Mogul Jumps Scissor Jumps Side Jumps Punches With Dumbbells Tuck Jump With Ball