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Wood-Chop With Dumbbell

Lower Back, Rectus Abdominis, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes
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required:Dumbbell / Kettlebell / Medicin Ball
type:Strength, Cardio
Variations available (3)
Starting PositionExecution
Starting Position (Alternative)Execution (Alternative)

Starting Position

  • grasp one dumb- or kettlebell with both hands
  • hold the weight by the upper weight plate
  • the legs are opened shoulder width
  • the feet are turned out a little
  • now hold the weight next to one calf
  • keep your back straight

Correct Execution

  • guide the weight up in a controlled bow until you reach shoulder-height
  • hold the arms stretched out
  • while you move, turn your upper body
  • push your legs through
  • try to hold the hip stable
  • your sight always follows the weight
  • come back to the starting position slowly by doing the movement the other way round
  • do not let the weight touch the ground, repeat the motion right away
  • repeat the exercise several times also with the other side, this will give you a equable free weights workout and a stable core
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