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Triceps Extension Push-up / Sphinx Push-up

Triceps, Rectus Abdominis
Pectoralis Major, Lower Back, Deltoids
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optional:Bench, Stool, Seat, Backpack
Variations available (6)
Starting PositionExecution

General And Specifics

Starting Position

  • begin in the Plank position
  • position the elbows vertically below the shoulders
  • the forearms are parallel to each other
  • fingers point forwards
  • feet are hip-wide away
  • brace the body, especially the core
  • lift the hip, so that your body is in a line

Correct Execution

  • keep up the body tension
  • stretch out the arms almost fully, slowly and without momentum
  • now bend the elbows and let your body sink down, until the forearms lay on the ground parallel
  • the upper arms are vertical to the ground again
  • important: make slow and controlled motions
  • lower and lift the body only with the help of your arms
  • do several reps

tips for the workout

  • variation: put the hands onto a chair
  • use a filled backpack, to impede the exercise
  • put the feet onto a stool or something similar to make it even harder
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