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Side Step-up

Quadriceps, Abductors, Glutes
Adductors, Calves
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required:Bench / Seat
optional:Dumbbells (2), Kettlebells (2), Backpack, Medicin Ball
type:Strength, Cardio
Variations available (3)
Starting PositionExecution
Starting Position (Alternative)Execution (Alternative)

General And Specifics

  • this is an ideal workout for runners, it strengthens the circulatory system
  • do not put the tool higher than knee-height, to prevent injuries

Starting Position

  • stand next to your tool
  • angle one leg and place the foot on it
  • hold the upper body upright
  • you can rest the hands at the hips or stretch them out in front of you

Correct Execution

  • push yourself up with the angled leg
  • the other one does not support the motion
  • do not gain momentum and do not move the arms
  • do not tilt forward
  • come back to the starting position and tap the foot on the floor shortly
  • repeat this several times
  • switch sides and do the same with the other leg

tip for the workout

  • to impede the exercise, you can put on a filled backpack or use dumbbells
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