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Leg Curl With Dumbbell On Table

Abductors, Calves
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required:Dumbbell, Bench / Table
optional:Workout Partner
Variations available (7)
Starting PositionExecution

Starting Position

  • clamp a lighter dumbbell between your feet
  • alternatively your partner can place the dumbbell between your feet
  • lay down your chest and thighs on a solid table or a weight bench
  • adhere tight to the leading end of the table
  • the knees protrude the other edge of the table and are moveable
  • the legs are close to each other and almost fully stretched out
  • the soles point up and carry the dumbbell by the upper weight plate

Correct Execution

  • guide the dumbbell up slowly by bending your knees and try to reach your bottom
  • the soles keep on pointing up and carry the dumbbell by the upper weight plate
  • your calves touch the thighs then
  • your upper body stays stable and does not move, do not lift the hips
  • do not gain any momentum for this movement
  • then bring the dumbbell back down again slowly
  • your legs are almost stretched out again
  • repeat the exercise several times for an effective strength workout

tip for the workout

  • your can increase the level of difficulty, if you adjust the bench in a positive angle
  • the range of motion is smaller
  • result: a higher intensity and an effective hamstring workout
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