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Jackknife On Exercise Ball, One-Legged

Rectus Abdominis
Lower Back, Obliques, Quadriceps
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required:Exercise Ball
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Starting PositionExecution

General And Specifics

  • this ab exercise strengthens the core and the hip flexor, it also requires stability

Starting Position

  • place the hands about shoulder width on the ground
  • lay the shins onto the gym ball, your legs are stretched out, balance your body
  • lift one leg
  • hold the back straight and the hip up

Correct Execution

  • angle the leg which lies on the ball and pull it in direction to the hip
  • the gym ball rolls in direction hip, too
  • pull the leg forwards until it is vertical to the ground
  • the ball is under your foot in the final position, hold it for a bit
  • stretch the leg out again and roll the ball back into the starting position
  • the upper body is stable and straight during this exercise
  • repeat this several times, also with your other leg
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