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Side Bridge

Lower Back, Rectus Abdominis, Glutes
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optional:Dumbbell, Bench, Fitness Mat, Seat
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Starting PositionExecution
Starting Position (Alternative)Execution (Alternative)

Starting Position

  • lay one side on the floor or a fitness mat
  • bring the elbow below the shoulder, the forearm now lies on the floor, too
  • place the free and on the hip
  • the legs are stretched out and lie one above the other

Correct Execution

  • brace the abs and lift your hip slowly
  • the legs stick together
  • your body forms a diagonal line
  • hold the contraction for a short moment
  • afterwards, bring the hip back down, then lift it again
  • several reps on one side, then switch sides

tips for the workout

  1. the oblique workout becomes easier, if you do it on your knees
  2. it is harder, if you bring your feet or forearm on a chair or weight bench
    • this increases the range of motion and the exercise becomes more intensive
  3. additionally you can put a dumbbell on your hip and hold it with the free hand
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