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Rectus Abdominis
Lower Back, Obliques, Glutes
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optional:Barbell, Bench, Fitness Mat, Workout Partner
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General And Specifics

  • to prevent injuries, warm-up well before you start
  • also make sure that you are able to do other leg lifting exercises before you try this one
  • for additional support you can let a partner help you

Starting Position

  • lay your back on a weight bench or alternatively in front of a bed overhang, a door frame or a barbell with weights, the tool has to support your body weight and it must be possible to adhere to it with both hands
  • stretch out the legs
  • encompass the tool you have chosen behind your head

Correct Execution

  • brace your whole body
  • lift your body off the ground from the shoulders, guide it to the ceiling until it is almost vertical to the ground, head and shoulders remain on the ground, your body is in a line from shoulders to the feet
  • the most effective version does not allow to bend the hips
  • if you bend it, the exercise becomes easier
  • your hands give you stability
  • avoid a hollow-back
  • let the body sink down slowly, do not rest it on the ground and lift it again

tips for the workout

  1. you can ease the ab exercise if you angle the knee joints and the legs lift off the ground first
  2. additionally you can gain momentum to bring the body into the final position and come down really slow
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