Workout plan
Abs And Sixpack Without Weights And Equipment


ExerciseSetsDuration per set
Crunch315-20 rep.
Leg Raise, Lying315-25 rep.
Plank31 min
Reverse Crunch315-25 rep.
Side Plank31 min
Diagonal Crunch310-15 rep.
Oblique Crunch310-15 rep.
Lower Body Russian Twist / Windshield Wiper310-15 rep.


ExerciseSetsDuration per set
Mountain Climber414 rep.
Plank Walk-out / Inchworm38 rep.
Scissor Kick320 rep.
Dead Bugs320 rep.
Spiderman Crunch412 rep.
Lower Body Russian Twist / Windshield Wiper312 rep.
Diagonal Crunch312 rep.


ExerciseSetsDuration per set
Bent Knee Leg Raise, Lying312 rep.
Crunch With Lifted Legs48-10 rep.
Hip Raise / Pulse Up310 rep.
Plank315-20 s
Side Plank With Rotation48 rep.
Side Reach / Foot to Foot Crunch410 rep.
Lower Body Russian Twist / Windshield Wiper410 rep.
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