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Rectus Abdominis
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optional:Fitness Mat, Seat
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General And Specifics

  • although all crunch exercises require the entire abs, this variation has a focus on the upper abs

Starting Position

  • lay down evenly on the ground or a fitness mat
  • your hands are positioned at the temples, not behind the head
  • the elbows point outwards
  • tilt your knees about 90 degrees and place your feet on the ground

Correct Execution

  • your legs and feet will not be moved while you raise your shoulders to the ceiling
  • the lower back remains stable on the ground
  • curl your upper back a bit while you move the chest towards your knees
  • the shoulders lift off the ground only a bit
  • your head always is the extension of your spine
  • hold the position for a wink of an eye
  • let your upper body sink down, but do not lay down on the floor completely
  • instantly go on with the next repetition for an effective ab training

tips for the workout

  1. if you hold your arms in front of your body, the ab exercise becomes easier, behind the body more difficult
  2. the crunch is also possible if you put your feet on a chair
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