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21s / 3-Part Curl

Hand Flexors, Hand Extensors
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required:Barbell / EZ Bar / Dumbbells (2)
Variations available (23)
Starting PositionExecution - 1nd Step
Execution - 2rd StepExecution - 3th Step
Execution - 4th Step

General And Specifics

  • this strength exercise is a great addition to your biceps train
  • you should be able to do 21 reps, so choose an appropriate weight

Starting Position

  • grasp two dumbbells or a barbell with under hand grip (palms of the hands point forward)
  • the hands are shoulder width apart
  • arms are slightly bent
  • the upper arms stay close to the upper body
  • the feet are hip width apart, knees bent a bit

Correct Execution

  • bend both elbows to 90 degrees, the forearms are parallel to the ground
  • afterwards, slowly bring the arms back to the starting position
  • do seven curls in a row
  • then bring the weights in front of your shoulders and let them sink down, the forearms are parallel to the ground then
  • raise the weights to the shoulders again
  • do 7 reps
  • afterwards, do 7 complete curls: from the starting position in front of your thighs to the shoulders
  • do not use momentum
  • do not let your elbows wander outwards

tip for the training/h3>
  • to bring the focus from the biceps more to the brachioradial muscle, do the exercise with over hand grip (palms of the hands point to the body)

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