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Dips On The Floor

Hand Extensors, Deltoids
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optional:Fitness Mat
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Starting PositionExecution

Starting Position

  • sit down on the ground
  • your legs are slightly bent
  • put the feet together and place them on the ground
  • support your body by placing the hands behind your back
  • the elbows point backwards, the fingertips are pointed to the feet
  • keep the back straight
  • push the arms through
  • bring up your hip until the body in a line
  • push the feet a bit more forward

Correct Execution

  • slowly bend your elbow joints
  • your body is sinking down now
  • try to keep up the hip and the body in a line
  • the range of motion is small, although you can feel the tension in the triceps
  • push your body back up again
  • repeat the exercise several times for an effective triceps workout
  • the arms are always bent a little
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