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Dips Between Two Chairs

Hand Extensors, Pectoralis Major, Deltoids
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General And Specifics

  • place the chair you have your hands on against a wall or couch as a precaution so the chair provides a good stability and doesn't slide out from behind you (otherwise, serious back and/or neck injuries may occur)

Starting Position

  • place two chairs a bit wider than leg length apart
  • sit down onto the end of the seat area
  • grasp the edge of the seat area next to your bottom with both hands
  • the backs of your hands are turned forwards
  • now place the heels onto the other chair
  • almost stretch your arms fully
  • your bottom now should be in front of the seat area and does no more have any contact to the additive

Correct Execution

  • slowly bend your arms
  • your upper body is sinking towards the ground
  • do not touch the ground, rather bring the body back up again in a controlled motion
  • your forearms should always be about vertical to the ground during the movement
  • try to keep your back straight and stay close to the additive
  • do not stretch the arms fully when bringing them up
  • always stop the movement when there still is a little bending in the arms

tip for the workout

  • to make the triceps exercise more difficult, you can put additional weight onto your thighs (for instance a heavy book or a filled backpack)
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