Workout plan
Arm Workout / Biceps-Triceps Without Equipment


ExerciseSetsDuration per set
Push-up48-16 rep.
Dips With Chair312 rep.
Triceps Pull-Down With Towel315-20 s
Triceps Extension With Towel415-20 s
Push And Pull With Towel415-20 s
Isometric Concentration Curl415-20 s
Biceps-Curl With Towel, Seated412 rep.


ExerciseSetsDuration per set
Plank Walk-out / Inchworm310 rep.
Diamond Push-up310 rep.
Staggered Push-up310 rep.
Isometric Concentration Curl412 rep.
Push And Pull With Towel410 rep.
Biceps-Curl With Towel, Seated410 rep.
Thigh Press, Seated320 s
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