Stretch Exercise Guide


Lower Back, Obliques, Abductors
Quadriceps, Glutes
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optional:Fitness Mat
Starting PositionExecution

General and Specifics

  • this is a great warm-up exercise

Starting Position

  • lay your front on the ground or a mat
  • spread the arms to the sides, your body forms a T (the palms are on the floor)
  • put the chin to the floor
  • the legs are stretched out backwards
  • the toes touch the floor

Correct Execution

  • lift one leg and guide it above the other one
  • try to bring the foot towards the opposite hand
  • the upper body and hip turn with the movement
  • rest the foot on the floor for a short moment (bottom-height)
  • try not to move the arms
  • come back to the starting position and repeat several times
  • afterwards, repeat with the other side
  • you do not have to hold this, it is an active exercise
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