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Sliding Side Lunge

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muscles:QuadricepsMuscle, HamstringsMuscle, AdductorsMuscle, GlutesMuscle
auxiliary muscles:AbductorsMuscle
optional:Dumbbells (2), Kettlebells (2), Backpack
fitness level:Normal
exercise type:Strength, Cardio
Variations available (12)
Starting PositionExecution

General and Specifics

  • you will need a smooth floor for this exercise
  • it also works with paper plates on the carpet

Starting Position

  • place a folded towel on the ground
  • position one foot on it
  • the legs are bent a bit
  • your body remains upright during the exercise, your sight goes straight ahead
  • hold the hands at the hips or the arms stretched out in front of your body

Correct Execution

  • the foot on the towel slides sideways with straight leg
  • meanwhile, bend the supporting leg to about 90 degrees and push back the hip
  • the body weight is mostly on the heel of the supporting leg, not on the ball
  • the knee of the supporting leg should not protrude the toes, to avoid injuries in the joint
  • make sure, that the feet are always parallel and that the upper body is not tilted too much
  • brace the adductor muscle and pull back the towel
  • do several reps and do not forget the other side

tip for the workout

  • impede the exercise by working out like in the Side Lunge With Dumbbells, or use kettlebells
  • if this is too easy for you, put on a filled backpack