Workout plan
Full Body Workout With Dumbbells


ExerciseSetsDuration per set
Skier Swings314 rep.
Thruster With Dumbbells310 rep.
Sumo Squat With Dumbbell48-12 rep.
Renegade Row410 rep.
T Push-up310 rep.
Biceps-Curl With Dumbbells, Overhand Grip410 rep.
Cross-Body Hammer Curl310 rep.


ExerciseSetsDuration per set
Deadlift With Dumbbells312 rep.
Squat With Dumbbells412 rep.
Bent Over Balance Row With Support, Single-Arm410 rep.
Floor Press With Dumbbells410 rep.
Triceps Extension With Dumbbells, Lying310 rep.
Biceps-Curl With Dumbbells410 rep.
Concentration Curl310 rep.
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