How To Lose Weight The Right Way

A Basic Principle

Weight will be reduced, if your energy balance is negative. The energy balance is the sum of consumed energy and applied energy of a day. This means, if you receive less energy than you consume, the balance is negative and you lose weight. This is realized through:

* The basic metabolic rate describes the amount of consumed energy in resting state. It can be influenced in a positive way by building up muscles, they demand lots of energy. The more muscles you have, the higher the basic metabolic rate.

Stay relaxed while achieving your weight goal, it will take you some more time. Because on the one side it is healthier to lose or gain weight slowly, on the other side you want to hold the desired weight. You can check your status in the mirror or on the scales once a week. But do not do that more often, this can cause frustration and may make your goal fail.

Keep in mind: At the same volume, muscles are 12% heavier than fat. So you have to watch the body fat relation, not the weight. You can measure it with body fat scales or you take a look at the scopes of your hips and other "problem zones".

A well-balanced and plant-based diet is as important as gaining muscles to influence the body fat relation positively.

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