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Scott Curl With Dumbbell, Single-Arm

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auxiliary muscles:Hand FlexorsMuscle
required:Dumbbell, Bench or Seat
fitness level:Easy
exercise type:Strength
Variations available (23)
Starting PositionExecution

Starting Position

  • adjust the bench so that you can lay the triceps down onto the backrest
  • you can vary the angle of the decline
  • alternatively you can use a very stable deck chair with an adjustable backrest
  • pick up one dumbbell
  • place your upper arm on the backrest
  • hook the armpit at the end of the backrest
  • your back remains straight
  • the arm is still bent a bit, so that the forearm is vertical to the ground
  • the palm of the hand is pointed to the body
  • push the chest against the backrest
  • grab the end with the other hand
  • your legs support the slot

Correct Execution

  • let the weight sink down slowly
  • only the forearm is moving
  • do not stretch the arm through fully
  • guide the dumbbell up again without momentum
  • stop the motion in a 90 degree angle of your elbow joint
  • repeat the exercise with the other arm, too